Columbus Short Arrested By Bounty Hunters Before Musical Performance

Being arrested by police officers is always a stressful situation and we have seen many stars go through it.  If you are pulled over and taken into custody for speeding, at least you are aware right of why you are being arrested. But, getting busted by bounty hunters and in the midst of the presentation of your album is something quite different.  This is precisely what happened to “Scandal” star Columbus Short.

According to reports, on Tuesday, the actor turned rapper was in the middle of a sound test for his concert when several men with “agent” written on their chests grabbed him and put him in handcuffs. Bewildered, Short was taken into custody to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department. Short was planning to release Universal´s Infusion Lounge at Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles.

Everyone assumed his arrest was due to an outstanding warrant but the truth is that his arrest was the result of an issue between Columbus and his bail bondsman.  At least this is what Short´s rep reported to TMZ.  In the words of Short's attorney Ludlow B. Creary: "His bail bondsman yanked his bail and sent bounty hunters out. They are not law enforcement. It was a citizen arrest."

After spending all Wednesday in Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, he was released.

Short first gained fame as a dancer on “You Got Served.”  He is best known for playing Harrison Wright in “Scandal.”  It was during the shooting of the ABC show that Short was arrested on charges of battery in 2014.  This led to his departure from the show. 

Columbus’s lawyer feels that his arrest on Tuesday was “unfortunate,” especially given the fact that it took place when he was planning on throwing an album release party.

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